Alliance Global Tech provides well-defined, highly-accountable and effective account management through highly-skilled account managers selected for industry, domain and role-based experience. A single-point-of-contact Account Manager, led by a senior business executive, acts as the primary point of contact related to overall service delivery before, during and after implementation.

Our Account Managers are supported by client-dedicated service delivery teams, shared services groups, subject matter experts and other corporate staff, as necessary, to achieve client business goals and objectives. Primary responsibilities include managing service delivery; achieving service level agreements; ensuring customer satisfaction, retention and growth; providing timely reporting and analysis; and conducting periodic business reviews for continuous improvement.

By utilizing a single-point-of-contact Account Manager while also taking a team-based approach to account management and service delivery, Alliance Global Tech assures the highest quality and most consistent service delivery at all times, without interruption or delay, under varying business conditions and changing circumstances.

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