AGT Vision

Staffing Methodology

We leverage our experience; market knowledge; professional network; and extensive candidate database to get our clients the best available resource. We diligently screen our candidates, conduct professional references, and probe clients on their requirements.

We dig deeper than most by conducting a thorough assessment of our client needs, work environment, organizational structure and strategy, and necessary skills required for the position. We also get to know our candidates by understanding their career goals, objectives, and other intangibles. We believe in building lasting relationships.

Your Alliance Global tech business professional will be your sole point of contact whether searching for a direct hire employee or interim resource.

This methodology allows the organization and Alliance Global Tech professional to build a more effective and efficient partnership. Through our in-depth process, we provide specialized guidance to our clients to find the right candidate, with the right skill-set, for the right market value.

Alliance Global Tech Culture 

We look for employees that share the same passion for the mission as we do, want to invest in their future and build their careers with us, take advantage of our unlimited education/training and that want to be on the cutting edge of technology.
Alliance Global tech employees are able to focus energy and effort serving customers and creating world-class technologies rather than worrying about how benefits package shape up against the competition or stressing about what is expected. We care about our employees and this is how it shows!

We are searching for people that want to invest in their future, building a career with us, taking advantage of our unlimited education/training, and are ready to be on the cutting edge of technology.

We stand out amongst small businesses because we function as a mid-size company while maintaining the fluidity and personality of a small organization. Information requests and tasks are not bogged down by having to pass through an extensive approval process or a plethora of departments. We streamlined processes to be cross-functional, and when necessary, provided back-ups so information is not lost or forgotten when someone is out of the office or on vacation. By developing corporate processes that are flexible, we ensure a continuous flow of information throughout our management team and thereby, make decisions and complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Alliance global tech Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law. While the Company is committed to following this principle in every facet of employment, all employees share in the responsibility to promote and foster a favorable work environment.
Consulting Position Available:

Positions Place
SAP HANA Architect Jersey City, NJ
Senior Business Objects Developer Ashburn, VA
Business Objects Report Admin New York, NY
Senior Business Analyst Baltimore, MD
Senior Data Analyst Columbia, MD

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