At Alliance Global Tech, we believe in employees being the true assets of the company – the company is as good as its employees. Keeping this in mind we have a proven recruiting strategy targeted to attract the best of the industry. This together with our employee retaining strategy ensures that our employees grow with us, thus making our employee turnover lesser than the industry average.

We recruit leading Software Engineers and Masters in Computer Applications to ensure that our customers get only the best. We ensure that all our consultants have live project experience and are trained to adapt to the work culture in the different geographies that they might be deployed.

If you are looking for a company which is stable, takes care of your career aspirations while providing extensive experience, look no further. Send in your resume to

THE WORLD IS YOURS! Have you heard the expression “The World is yours”? This is our motto and has made Alliance Global Tech one of the fastest growing IT Solution companies in the country. If you are inspired by success, we have a unique opportunity:

  • Be The Best
  • Understand The Urgency
  • Have The Courage To Excel
  • Make A Contribution

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