Offshore Partnership

Offshore outsourcing means exporting IT-related work from the developed countries to the underdeveloped countries. Under this system, an organization gets collaborated with an external organization and assigns the latter some of its business tasks. It is, in fact, the practice of hiring a vendor to do the work offshore, usually to reduce expenses and benefit from the vendor’s expertise, economies of scale, and a scalable as well as a large labor pool. It also helps organizations in obtaining high-quality services at minimal operating costs.

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals, helping SMEs and startups achieve their business objectives by offering dedicated offshore development center services, our world class team with some of the industry’s most highly qualified professionals understands the need, vision and expectations of the client efficiently.

Equipped with expertise in mobility solutions, software development, cloud computing, testing services and digital marketing, we are well-known for providing end-to-end solutions by installing an independent development center and by offering consultation in product development.

Our Trusted Partner: The Offshore Development Center has today become the most-preferred business model for almost all sizes of organizations, helping them in increasing their productivity and reducing their operating costs by leveraging offshore talent. It provides clients greater predictability and visibility during the development process.

The single most important factor to determine a hassle-free migration & transition of activities to an alternative location with outsourcing is to take advantage of the services of a trustworthy offshore partner.

We make sure that you experience comfortably in the course of the entire process of setting up an Offshore in the Country. During the establishing process of an Offshore Center, you are provided with the services of an exclusive developer team, which will be fully focused on your project, and function as a practical extension of your home team.

We use the most advanced technologies to support your project, incorporating impeccably with your organization’s exclusive requirements. Our services are leveraged on the basis of your time-frames and budget.


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