Run Your Business in Real-Time with SAP HANA

Is the data you’re basing business decisions hours, days or weeks old? Imagine if you knew when, where, and how customers were buying without delay. View inventories, supply chains, or financials with up to the second accuracy. Spot market changes early and adjust with precision. This is running in “real-time”. AGT helps make this possible with SAP HANA at near limitless scale and mission-critical reliability.

The faster your organization can analyze data, the sooner your leading minds can innovate. But yesterday’s computing technology isn’t designed for real-time business. That’s why AGT provides innovative SAP HANA solutions that enable in-memory computing. With the assistance of our SAP HANA consultants, you can harness the power of this platform to dramatically increase the speed of your transactional and analytical processing.

The Benefits of Your SAP HANA Implementation

AGT SAP HANA consultancy has just one goal: to help you make the best business decision every time. We deliver SAP HANA solutions that eliminate barriers to decision making by letting you streamline operational reporting, enhance your existing data warehouse, and even leverage predictive analytics.

With SAP HANA solutions, you can:

  • Instantly find valuable insights hidden within your big data.
  • Drill down to the exact lines of data that answer complex business questions.
  • Report on business results in seconds – not hours.
  • Avoid the delays that characterize traditional ETL data preparation.
  • Eliminate the need to build data cubes before performing analysis.

Generate Operational Reports in Real Time

Your day-to-day reporting shouldn’t require excessive amounts of cost and effort. No matter what line of business you’re in, you can benefit from getting faster access to the comprehensive information that drives strategic decisions. SAP HANA solutions help you maintain your competitive edge by enabling you to sync data between your applications and database in real time. By eliminating obstacles to information, you also ensure your business processes will continue to run smoothly on your systems of record.

Get More from Your Data Warehouse

When you migrate to SAP HANA, your IT staff can use fast, built-in data extraction features to build the data warehouse your business really needs. Or, they can use the new capabilities of SAP HANA to enhance an existing data warehouse based on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. Ask our SAP HANA experts how. We’ll also show you how to reduce your reliance on data modeling, streamline your planning cycles, and minimize wait times for reports.

Use Predictive Analytics to Your Advantage

What does the future hold for your business? You can’t know for sure if you lack a speedy way to analyze billions of rows of data in seconds. SAP HANA delivers in-memory computing that goes far beyond traditional OLAP analysis to let you perform predictive analytics in real time. You can even mine unstructured data such as word processing documents and social media content to find the insights that will guide your next steps.

Ask Our SAP HANA Consultants

AGT wants to help you make your most important business decisions in real time. Contact our SAP HANA experts to find out how in-memory computing can drive the faster answers and better decisions that lead to sustained competitive advantage.


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