Business Process Management Services

AGT works with you to optimize productivity, improve performance and reduce time-to-market. Our end-to-end business process management services span across process discovery, documentation, integration, and automation to accelerate product development and encourage innovation.

AGT offers a rich experience and deep expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) technology. BPM, the enabler of business agility in today’s world, offers business process automation and optimization as a form of technology-enabled continuous improvement. With BPM, your business is as good as your processes are, determining your edge over your competitors.

Solutions & Frameworks Inject intelligence into business processes to accelerate growth
Services Drive continuous improvement and transform your business
Offerings Beat ingrained system inefficiencies with architected integration services

Services Offered

  • Business Process Implementation: We can help you begin your BPM efforts with a clear understanding of the issues and pitfalls integral to sustained process implementation. Processes, technology and people are fundamental to process implementation. Our experts can help you on this journey of change.
  • Business Process Modeling: We identify your current business processes and business model; create new processes; execute and govern these processes using our BPM governance mechanism; and refine the deployed processes to match them to your stated requirements and business goals.
  • Process Optimization: To improve your business results and ensure that your BPM software solutions are fine-tuned to your dynamic business goals, we monitor and manage the processes deployed in your enterprise.
  • Support & Maintenance: Our pool of BPM experts are trained to provide skilled support for and maintenance of your BPM engagements.
  • Testing: We provide comprehensive and cost-effective testing for BPM engagements using our award-winning SOA and BPM testing framework, Alliance Global tech alternatively, we can test your BPM implementation using a testing tool of your choice.


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