Our consulting company specializing Salesforce consulting, implementations, and custom app development. We bring years of cloud experience to help maximize your CRM implementations and investment through innovative Salesforce solutions. We help companies of all sizes achieve success on the cloud through Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Development

Automate your business and sales process through expanding Salesforce, Visual Force, and utilizing our certified and expert Salesforce developers and consultants. Our seasoned Salesforce developers have extensive expertise in Alliance Global tech Visual force and programming.

Our most common development services include but not limited to:

  • Visual force development
  • Agt and trigger development
  • Deployment of portals and communities
  • API development
  • Third party integration
  • Data analysis, cleansing, and migration


Accelerating digital transformation journey

Atlas Managed Services Framework


Salesforce Quick Start Implementation

Quickstart implementation is ideal for clients who are looking to implement Salesforce the very first time or just looking to improve their existing CRM Software. We will work with you directly to implement your business workflow and needs and get you started with your CRM implementation in 2-3 weeks.

Our Salesforce Quick Start implementation service is perfect for companies implementing Salesforce for the very first time, or simply looking to refine their existing CRM system. Our expert Salesforce certified consultants offer a customized experience and work directly with your company to address your specific workflow and needs. Our aim is to get you up and running quickly and with ease, and to keep your business on track and growing. Best of all, this turnkey Salesforce implementation process can be ready to go in as little as 14 days!


Salesforce Managed Services

Did you just finish implementing Salesforce, but you know you can do more with it? Do you lack the technical knowledge how to optimize your Salesforce? Is hiring a Salesforce administrator, not in the budget?

If so, Torrent has ways to help!

Our Salesforce managed services range from management and strategy consulting, to completing Salesforce administrator level tasks, to health checks, to maintenance and upkeep, and even custom application development. Our Salesforce managed services can be short-term or ongoing and are delivered remotely or onsite at a fixed term and rate.

Our Salesforce managed services include but not limited to

  • Salesforce Strategic Consulting – Our certified, expert Salesforce consulting team will work with your stakeholders to understand your business needs and requirements and execute a solid technology roadmap to deliver a usable, robust and scalable Salesforce system that is a valued tool for growing your business.

Salesforce Administration – We take on the continuing role of Salesforce administrator for your company, which encompasses tasks such as configuration, data management, process and workflow management, lead management, campaign development, customizing reports and list views, and user maintenance.

  • Salesforce Custom App Development – Build any type of app for your business in the cloud. Engage our talented Salesforce app developers on an ongoing basis for your company’s changing needs and growth.
  • Health Checks – We run health checks on your Salesforce system to ensure it’s running smoothly with no issues. We will apply updates and changes as needed and make recommendations.
  • New feature implementation – We implement the latest Salesforce features and updates when needed.
  • Data Management – We load and cleanse your Salesforce data.

Salesforce Managed Service Engagement Options:

  • Short-Term Managed Services – This option provides limited term Salesforce services for projects with a set time length and defined scope, whether it’s health checks and updates, app development, or making one-off administrative-level changes to your Salesforce.
  • Ongoing Managed Services – This option provides continuing Salesforce strategy, delivery, and updates to augment and upkeep your existing Salesforce at a monthly retainer.


Custom Application Development

Build any type of apps for your business in the cloud using to address the need for your business growth and technology automation.

Alliance Global Tech Inc is a platform for creating and deploying next-generation cloud apps. Because there are no servers or software to buy or manage, we can focus solely on building your apps that include built-in social and mobile functionality, business processes, reporting, and search. Your apps run on a secure, proven service that scales, tunes, and backs up data automatically.


Why use

Proven — More than 100,000+ companies trust, including many industry leaders. They’ve built 220,000+ apps that run in accredited, world-class data centers with backup, failover, disaster-recovery, and an uptime record exceeding 99.9%. You can see real-time system performance data at

Agile — requires minimal coding. Assemble your apps in building-block fashion using our visual tools and library of components. Streamline development with sandbox environments, and integrate your apps using open APIs.

Social — Work more effectively with your colleagues using your own secure social network. includes pre-built components for feeds, profiles, conversations, updates, and file sharing. All components are available through REST APIs that can be easily integrated into any custom app.

Mobile — Run your business from your phone using the Salesforce1 mobile app. Build native mobile apps powered by a secure cloud database, with rock-solid APIs. Or build mobile-optimized browser apps, using our UI framework and HTML5 to support any device with one code base. Or mix native and HTML in a hybrid cocktail that gives you the best of both worlds. has what you need to securely deliver apps on mobile devices.


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