Big Data

Data Analytics boost up project speed and minimized running


To lighten project postponements and cost overwhelms because of out-of-date information plan standards, the resource the board and organization expected to execute new information plan standards.

The organization examined the current framework was costing more to work and permit than another framework would cost. As a chance to exploit more up-to-date advancements, and fortify its business insight and information perception abilities.


Supplanting customary, out-of-date information the executive’s instruments with a Big Data arrangement decreased the time and costs utilized. Our solution proposed identified highly specialized solutions such as minimizing relocation costs, proper customer support, using the BI architects, data analytics, software analytics.

AGT’s team dealt with necessities examination, static report movement, report combination, and framework improvements.


AGT’s proposed system decreased completion time while improving daily business disruptions, it expanded our scope of service by providing the customer:

  • Centralized Data Management
  • Data visualization
  • ETL development
  • Scheduled spot checks during the project life cycle to check progress.
  • Consistent transparency in reporting and documentation
  • Offer interaction enhancement counseling

About AGT

Alliance Global Tech Inc was founded in 2013  to provide advanced information technology services to commercial and Government agencies. AGT is a leading professional staffing services firm based in the USA with head office in Columbia, MD. Annually we engage a large number of highly skilled professionals in a wide range of assignments.