Big data management


Cyber security

Cloud services


Alliance Global Tech offers clients integrated IT and staffing solutions.

We create innovative, cost efficient solutions to the needs of our clients in the IT sector. We use the latest technology developments to come up with effective and workable solutions to the IT demands of our clients. Alliance Global Tech develops strategic solutions to help our client achieve their business objectives. We offer IT and staffing solutions in the following sectors:

Big data management: big data is an essential component of businesses. It helps in increasing productivity and driving up the sales of the company’s products. An effective approach of data management is essential for business success; Alliance Global Tech offers clients cutting-edge big data management services.

Staffing: for your company to deliver the best, you should have the best employees. Alliance Global Tech helps clients hire the most efficient employees to drive up sales and better the results of the company. We have strategic approaches to identifying talents. We help in temporary contracting, full time contracting and transition from temporary contracting to full time contracting. 

Cyber security: cyber-attacks may negatively affect the company. We undertake comprehensive procedures to protect our clients from cyber-attacks which may affect the reputation of the company negatively.

Cloud services: we ensure that the data of our clients is protected by implementing the appropriate cloud services. For effective cloud service integration, we offer scalable and flexible services to address our clients’ needs.