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Certifications and awards

Alliance Global Tech is an MBE certified company.

The company has the right documentations required for local and international operations. We ensure that our operations are in accordance with the industry instituted regulations.

We have the relevant documents of operations obtained from the government and the regulatory bodies. Therefore, the services of Alliance Global Tech are legally approved.

All our employees are certified and highly skilled in their respective fields. It is vital for every employee to have the relevant skills set and documentations before working for Alliance Global Tech.

Likewise, we ensure that the recruits from our staffing services have the appropriate documentations before hiring them. In doing so, our clients are assured of high quality services.

For our exemplary work in IT service provision, we have received several awards. These awards recognize us for our exemplary services. In a similar way, we award our employees to ensure that they are recognized for their work and motivated to put more effort.