Big data

Big Data

Big data is the collective name which is given to huge volumes of data, either structured or unstructured. Big data is collected on a daily basis from the respective activities of a company. In essence, when big data is well developed and organized, it can help increase the productivity of companies by helping in the development of new products. It is also effective in analyzing customer satisfaction.

Big data is helpful to companies when it is well organized and analyzed. The effectiveness of big data does not depend on the size of the data but on what is done to the data in terms of analysis for business insights. With effective big data analysis, organizations can make better decisions and come up with strategic directions for the organization to make. The most successful companies make use of their big data in terms of analysis to generate value and compete favorably. The collection of big data is affected by a number of reasons;

Volume Format Velocity

This entails the collection of data from different forms of sources such as social media, business transactions and business to client engagement. In essence, for a company to effectively use big data they must have a wide array of data sources.

The data used by companies should come from a variety of formats such as numeric data, financial records and photos.

 To effectively appreciate the results of big data, an organization needs to be generating the data in relatively faster speeds.

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