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Company Overview

Alliance Global Tech is an information and technology consulting company which offers IT consulting and solution services.

Alliance Global Tech Inc was founded in 2013 to

provide advanced information technology services to commercial and government agencies.

Our Vision

Alliance Global Tech Inc offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive services portfolios, designed to modernize business and technology to deliver the outcomes that matter most to our clients. Our head office in Columbia, Maryland, our team of professionals around the country works with you to address any Information Technology challenges.

Our Mission

Alliance Global Tech Inc provides advanced information technology services to commercial and government agencies. We work in the private and government healthcare sector market and plan to expand to more domains in the future.
Industries we are engaged in are IT HealthCare, Business intelligence, Program management, cloud migration, reinventing the customer experience, Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and streamlining business processes.

Our Strategy

We provide services of high standards to multiple companies and the US government in different fields. At AGT, we drive outcomes that keep our clients a step ahead in this digitally dynamic world. We partner with you to simplify the complexities of business and technology, delivering the insights, solutions, and outcomes that matter most.
Alliance Global Tech’s mission is to deliver the best IT consulting services and solutions to our clients. We provide faster and more efficient solutions to their IT issues

Our Values

Alliance Global Tech Inc embodies professionalism and dedication towards the needs of esteemed clients. Our company’s leaders and employees’ experience and dedication ensure that our clients get the best value in the solutions they need. Alliance Global Tech embodies teamwork, dedication, and professionalism to ensure productivity and growth. Our clients are satisfactory results from the AGT team with reliable services from the best and most qualified individuals

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