Alliance Global Tech has a leadership design which favors employee motivation and client satisfaction.

The CEO of Alliance Global Tech, Mr. Imran Siddiqui, is an imperative member of the team who takes charge of the company’s decisions. With immense experience in IT consultancy and federal agencies services, public sector health and human services experience, which includes extensive experience in management consulting, systems integration, and operations related to the delivery of complex solutions to federal, state, federal, and commercial clients. His presence in the company is essential in defining the way the company handles its clients. Imran is a vital member of the Executive Team, playing a significant role in determining the Alliance Global Tech’s future growth strategy.


Imran Siddiqui leads the Alliance Global Tech team of subject matter experts, technologists, and engineers to identify technology challenges, create remedies, and provide products that leverage transformative ideas and the latest emerging technology. Imran has spent his career at the crossroads of strategic leadership, federal healthcare, and information technology. He continues to drive Alliance Global Tech forward as we provide innovative solutions to our partners.

Imran is practicing Scrum Master and a certified PMP. He has managed a workforce of 200 highly motivated and performing professionals with diverse business and technical capabilities in program management and Business intelligence, Big Data systems, and data management for complex Health IT analytics and workflows.

Mr. Imran holds MBA in IT management from Western Governors University of Salt Lake City, UT

Every employee at Alliance Global tech is empowered to be a leader. We encourage every individual working here to take charge of their actions and make pivotal decisions to ensure client satisfaction. Every individual working with Alliance Global tech is empowered to take decisive actions, inspire the rest of the company and increase the competitiveness of the company. Alliance Global Tech employees are team players who, with unity of purpose and coordination, address the demands of clients conclusively.

Realizing the essential role that leadership plays in achievement of the company’s vision and mission, we at Alliance Global Tech have put into place strong leadership responsibilities on every employee to help in attaining our core objectives.

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