Cloud services

Cloud services

At Alliance Global Tech, we offer scalability and flexibility by delivering cloud services to our clients.

Cloud services are the wide array of services vital to the modern business in regards to access to various resources and applications without the need for the direct purchase of the specific hardware or software infrastructure. As a company, we realize the specific cloud computing needs of our clients and design tailored products to adequately address our clients’ needs.

Cloud computing services offer our clients reasonable scalability. With our services, our clients do not have to purchase all the required infrastructure. Additionally, the need to allocate more staff to handle the service is eliminated. With our service, clients can scale as they do not need to manage the service by themselves.

Alliance Global Tech offers cloud services to lower the overhead costs of our clients. Our services are paid on a subscription basis. This is cheaper than incurring costs to directly purchase the hardware and covering the frequent maintenance and periodic upgrade of the technology. 

There are a variety of cloud computing services such as

Saas (Software as a Service)
Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)
Paas (Platform as a Service)

At Alliance Global Tech, we offer tailor made cloud computing services to handle the need of our clients.