Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The structure and composition of the technology world keep evolving. There are new IT products and services which are available for use to the general public. This shift in the technology landscape also increases cyber threats. In most cases when integrating new systems, companies fail to augment cyber security and expose themselves to cyber threats. 

Cyber threats expose vital programs, networks or data to exploitation and misuse from third parties. To protect companies from cyber-attacks, it is essential that there be steps taken to detect threats or attacks, investigate the attacks and come up with remedies.

At Alliance Global tech, we offer our clients vital cyber defense protocols.  We advance a holistic cyber defense approach that combines employees, technology and procedures.

Employees have a proactive role in protecting a company from cyber-attacks. Therefore, they must have knowledge on the ways they can protect data such as using strong passcodes, backing up data and avoiding cyber threats. We also develop procedures for clients in regards to; the action to take to protect the company from attacks and what to do in case of an attack. Acknowledging the ever-changing nature of cyber-attacks, we ensure that we offer the latest technology protection tools. This includes; anti-virus software, firewalls, and email security systems.

Alliance Global Tech values your security. With the ever-changing nature of cyber threats, we ensure that we present a dynamic approach to reducing cyber threats. 

Saas (Software as a Service)
Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)
Paas (Platform as a Service)

At Alliance Global Tech, we offer tailor-made cloud computing services to handle the need of our clients.