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IT Capabilities

IT Capabilities Alliance Global Tech helps clients develop their IT capabilities and integrate them with the business processes of their companies. Information and technology capabilities refers to the ability which an organization has to meet and address their specific business needs and ensure that there is cost effective maintenance of an organization’s it systems. IT […]
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Data Analytics

Data Analytics Companies have to use big data to understand the dynamics of the market and understand the trends which are inherent to their processes. We understand the relevance of big data in the business in respect to its role in optimizing the efficiency and processes of the company. Big data is large, unprocessed data […]
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IT and Staffing Consultancy

IT and Staffing Consultancy Alliance Global Tech offers strategic consultation services to help our clients achieve their missions and visions. Integrating the activities of your company with technology is vital in increasing the productivity and profitability of the company’s activities. There is need to understand the dynamics which are inherent to big data, cyber security […]
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Big data

Big Data Big data is the collective name which is given to huge volumes of data, either structured or unstructured. Big data is collected on a daily basis from the respective activities of a company. In essence, when big data is well developed and organized, it can help increase the productivity of companies by helping […]
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Data management as a Service

Data management as a Service Data management is a dynamic service which enables a combination of cloud services with the centralization of data. In essence, it is a process which involves the acquisition, validation and storage of data to ensure that the data is secure, easily accessible and timeless. Data management enables companies to have […]
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security The structure and composition of the technology world keeps evolving. There are new IT products and services which are available for use to the general public. This shift in the technology landscape also increases cyber threats. In most cases when integrating new systems, companies fail to augment cyber security and expose themselves to […]
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IT Product Designs

IT Product Designs Product design entails all the process from the imagination of a new commodity or service, to its development and ultimate roll out to the marketplace. Product design also helps you develop products which are already in existence by making them better. Product design improves the quality of a product and ensures consumer […]
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Cloud services

Cloud services As Alliance Global Tech, we offer scalability and flexibility by delivering cloud services to our clients. Cloud services are the wide array of services vital to the modern business in regards to access to various resources and applications without the need for the direct purchase of the specific hardware or software infrastructure. As […]
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Software QA testing

Software QA testing Quality Assurance in software development and use is an essential procedure. Quality assurance ensures that the software delivered to clients is of the best quality. It aims at making the software development process more effective while staying in line with to the demands of the clients and adhering to the quality standards […]
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IT Systems Integration Services

IT Systems Integration Services As your one stop shop for IT Consultancy services, Alliance Global Tech ensures the integration of all the services offered to ensure the best service delivery to its clients. As a company with knowledge of the field of IT, we understand the need for comprehensive integration of all our services to […]
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