Tech Management Services

AGT’s Services improves Productivity and ROI for a big Tech firm


Due to inefficiencies with their suppliers, they faced significant challenges. Part of the research and development duties involved post-production tests for longevity and failure analysis. The client was a Global IT firm with products in hardware and software services.


AGT’s leadership and accountability resulted in enhanced productivity, increased scalability, and improved control. Our management provided leadership and accountability, resulting in increased productivity, scalability, and increased control through frequent touchpoints, including weekly status updates.

The training program was developed based on the experience and feedback of the customer’s engineers and included cross-training, a comprehensive skills matrix to identify top talent, and a cover of new and backlog skills for new resources.


A more efficient time allocation process and project management led to new efficiencies for the customer. Through an effective time allocation and project management strategy, the managed service model became the critical differentiator needed to solve the customer’s pain points.

AGT’s engagement and account manager continue to work closely with the customer as more talent is hired and more engagements are completed. This ensures a better product that meets the customer’s expectations.

About AGT

Alliance Global Tech Inc was founded in 2013 to provide advanced information technology services to commercial and government agencies. AGT is a leading professional staffing services firm based in the USA with head office in Columbia, MD. Annually we engage a large number of highly skilled.